Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing by Envision

At Envision Pest, we understand the unique challenges posed by bird infestations and provide effective and humane solutions. Our team of professionals is experienced in bird proofing techniques, ensuring that your property remains protected. Trust Envision Pest to keep your property free from unwanted feathered visitors.

Residential Services

Pigeon Cleanup and Removal

When left unchecked, pigeons can often leave large amounts of waste. The most important part of our service is to properly clean the areas where the pigeons have left their mess. The first step in our service is to bag up the feces and nests that these pests have left behind. We then pressure wash the roof and other affected areas to ensure that your home is like-new clean. The final step, which separates us from the competition, is that we go around the home afterward and use an eco-friendly odor and microbial killer that is safe for kids and pets to ensure that your home not only looks clean but smells that way too.


Pigeons prefer to sit or “perch” on the tallest point of a home to survey the surrounding area. By installing bird wire along the peaks, we can deter pigeons from using your roof as a “perching site” and encourage them to go elsewhere. Bird wire is a spring-tensioned post and wire system designed to create an unstable landing area that discourages pest birds from landing.

Alcove Screening

Sometimes when two rooflines connect it can create a well-shaded area where pigeons like to nest. We can screen or net these areas to prevent pigeons from living in them.

Rooftop A/C Units

Pigeons will make nests underneath rooftop A/C units since they provide ample shade. We can use custom galvanized screens or heavy-duty polyurethane netting to block off these areas in these situations.

Patio Nettings

Patios in Residential homes that are taller than a single story can often be a target for pigeon nesting.  Our Service Pros can install netting that prevents them from becoming your unwanted roommates.

Bird Spiking

Window ledges underneath the roofline can often provide pigeons with a nice, shaded spot to perch in during the day. We use stainless steel bird spikes to prevent pigeons from perching in these areas.

Solar panel Screening

Proofing your solar panels from pigeons and other pests means that a protective PVC-coated steel mesh barrier would be installed around the perimeter of your panels to prevent them from entering or getting access to the base of your panels.

Commercial Services

Gas Station Canopies

Gas Canopies provide a great observation point for pigeons, they like to sit along the canopy edges and survey the area. Canopies also provide lots of protected nesting sites inside the canopy gutter areas and just out in the open.  Netting is installed on a cable support system and hog ringed in place.

Large Netting Areas

The best bird control solution in most cases is netting. Bird netting creates a physical barrier to your warehouse’s windows, vents, and entrances. When you have birds nesting in the rafters or ceiling, installing netting means any resident birds will need to find a new home. One of the best things about bird netting is its very low profile, and in many cases, it’s practically invisible to the eye. 2″ Netting is installed cable support system and hog ring in place.

Covered break Areas

Covered break areas that are taller than a single story can often be a target for pigeon nesting.  Covered break areas provide lots of protected nesting sites inside the rafters of the covered areas.  Netting is installed on a cable support system and hog ring in place.

How it Works
Our Process is Simple

Comprehensive Assessment

Our team will visit your property to perform a thorough assessment and determine your specific needs.


Expert Evaluation & Transparent Estimation

After our assessment, we’ll determine the best course of action to protect your home from unwanted guests while making sure to always provide transparent estimates.
Effective Job Completion and Next Steps

Our team will then eliminate the pests and weeds using safe and effective methods. We'll also provide recommendations and next steps to ensure that they stay away.



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